Mary Keough Ledman

Global Sector Strategist - Dairy

RaboResearch Food and Agribusiness

Mary Keough Ledman has more than 20 years of experience in the dairy industry that includes production, processing and policy. She grew-up on a dairy farm in southern Wisconsin and has worked on farms in Germany, Japan and New Zealand. Her past work experience includes the U.S. Department of Agriculture, Kraft and Stella Foods. In 1995, she founded Keough Ledman Associates, a dairy economic consulting firm that provides monthly dairy product and milk price forecasting, economic and policy analysis, dairy product and milk sourcing strategies and domestic and international dairy market information. In April 2012, she took over the Daily Dairy Report when the CME discontinued their sponsorship of the report.  She received a master’s of science degree in agricultural economics from Texas A&M University and also received a Fulbright Fellowship to study the European Community’s dairy policy in Germany.

2019 Seminar

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