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Each year the Purchasing Seminar creates a committee designed to curate the most knowledgeable, experienced and reputable names in the industry to present the issues and topics for the year.  The selection process is extensive and each year addresses the continued relevance and reliability of its speakers, taking care to introduce fresh faces and perspectives when applicable. The list of 2020 speakers will be updated as they are  secured.  Below are the 2019 speakers and topics to provide insight to the 2020 Sosland Publishing Purchasing Seminar:


2019 Purchasing Seminar Speakers and Topics


Matt Beeson - Risk Management

Ankush Bhandari - Feed Grains and Millfeed

Sean Connolly - Keynote

Robbie Fraser - Energy Markets

Steve Freed - The Global Outlook and Rethinking Risk Management, Grains Panel

Brian Harris - Shortening Panel

Lauren Jia - Packaging

Kellee James - Organics

Frank Jenkins - Sweetener Panel

William E. Krueger - Grains Panel

Bill Lapp - Bakery Flour/Cash Wheat

Drew Lerner - World Weather and the Impact on Markets

Mary Keough Ledman - Dairy

Paul Meyers - Grains Panel, Edible Oils and Shortening

Steve Nugent - Fruit

David Portalatin - Trends

Jim Ritchie - Transportation

Craig Ruffolo - Sugars/Sweeteners

Joshua Sosland - Opening Remarks

Ron Sterk - Moderator, Sweetener Panel

Adam Stout - Proteins

Hugo van der Goes - Cocoa

Hayden Wands - Grains Panel Moderator

Shrene White- Grains Panel







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