Purchasing Seminar

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Sosland Publishing
Purchasing Seminar 2022

June 5-7, 2022 / Sheraton Crown Center / Kansas City, MO

Amid a continuing pandemic and fraught geopolitical situation, ingredient prices have climbed to levels from above historical averages in recent weeks and months. In the case of several markets (notably cash wheat, edible oils and oats), prices have climbed to multi-year highs, fueling cost inflation and placing serious pressure on consumer-packaged foods companies. Meanwhile, meteorologists have been sounding the alarm about an elevated risk for dry weather in major producing areas in 2022. 

To help make sense of ingredient markets, purchasing executives have counted on the Sosland Publishing Co. Purchasing Seminar for more than 40 years. Join us in Kansas City June 5-7 for this year’s seminar at the Sheraton Kansas City Hotel at Crown Center. The event, which also will celebrate Sosland’s 100th anniversary, will feature expert presentations on grains, shortening and sweeteners as well as on numerous other ingredients and weather, along with energy, logistics and the economy. 

The Sosland Purchasing Seminar will be indispensable in traversing the continued market unknowns of 2022.