Purchasing Seminar

June 8-10, 2025 | Kansas City, MO

June 8-10, 2025 | Kansas City, MO


For more than 45 years, the Sosland Publishing Purchasing Seminar has provided an opportunity for purchasing professionals in the food industry to exchange ideas, learn from experts and forge new partnerships.

An industry cornerstone, the event plays a critical role in the success of many food businesses, especially in challenging times.

A pioneering event

The Sosland Publishing Purchasing Seminar was launched in 1978 to address the needs of purchasing executives and managers in the food processing, food service, and food retailing worlds.

At the time, these roles were not equipped with the resources they needed to succeed— despite the significant and sometimes unpredictable impact of commodity ingredient costs on food businesses.

Sosland Publishing filled this gap when it launched the Purchasing Seminar. Initially dubbed the Seminar on Purchasing for Senior Executives in Breadstuffs, the inaugural event was held in Kansas City, MO, and hosted 200 attendees

While the program was “baking-centric” for many years, presentations on grains, sweeteners and oils proved to have broad appeal, attracting professionals from other sectors.

Sustaining success

Today, executives from hundreds of companies touching every corner of the industry send their teams to the Purchasing Seminar. These attendees come from a variety of backgrounds, with many having significant procurement experience and some new to their roles.

While many elements of the 1978 program remain intact today, the number of presentations offered has broadened to reflect the changing industry landscape. Throughout the years, new presentations have been introduced, covering relevant topics like organic ingredients, sustainability and diversity.

With a legacy rooted in adaptability and community impact, the Purchasing Seminar remains a vital asset for professionals navigating the complexities of procurement and looks forward to its ongoing support of the food industry.